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PodCamp West Celebration Party @ Cafe du Nurod, Nov. 18th 6:00 PM November 16, 2006

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PodCamp West after Party is announced. If you are attending Podcamp, see you there after the show.

Hot News: PodCamp West After Party @ Cafe du Nurod ,Nov. 18th 6:00 PM

For the PodCamp West attendees, there will be an ‘after party‘ on Saturday, November 18th, from 6 to 8pm at the Cafe du Nurod bar located in the same building. Make sure you are registered and on the guest list to attend the party.

The folks need to mingle and have some fun after a long day of geek talk. Thank you very much to all for making it happen.


PodCamp West is this Weekend – 3 days left November 15, 2006

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PodCampWest countdown has started – 3 days left

Here is the post from the PodCampWest Blog:

Hi folks,

PodCamp West Countdown has started. We are three days away from historic event.…. We have got so much response that we are overwhelmed…..this is going to be pretty exciting event and a lot bigger than I originally imagined. It is amazing how everybody is helping out to make it happen.

Many thanks are in order and I will make sure the community knows about the people who are helping in.

I am happy to report that many people have stepped in to Sponsor the PodCamp and you can find complete list at http://PodCampWest.org .

I will have tons and announcement to make throughout the day – stay tuned to the blog and subscribe to the RSS feed.


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Yahoo Hackday September 25, 2006

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Just read about the hack day on Greg Narain’s Blog:

Yahoo! Open Hack Day 2006
Location: Yahoo! Headquarters
Start Date: Friday, September 29, 5pm
End Date: Saturday, September 30, 6pm

Essentially, Open Hack Day is an opportunity for developers, mashers and interested spectators to jump in and have a chance to work on their own hacks using the extensive Yahoo! APIs as well as their own creative secret sauce. Expect 100 or more Yahoos to be on campus wearing special t-shirts or hats that guide you to their expertise.

The event is structured as a coding/camping event – taking its roots from Bar Camp and Foo Camp. There will be great food, lots of drinks, and “unbelievably awesome entertainment” – read a secret band that fits the groove of the whole hack culture.

There’s 3 simple rules for participation:

  1. Build something that can be taken from idea to working prototype in one day
  2. At the end of the day, we will celebrate what you’ve done on Hack Day with demos of hacks and awards for the coolest ones. “Judging is just the respect of your peers,” says Brad Horowitz, VP of Product Strategy.
  3. Do your demo FAST! (under two minutes)

Read the whole post here.

Interesting Traffic Trends for TechCrush.com – Brilliant Marketing September 24, 2006

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I stumbled on the TechCrush controversy on Stove Boyd’s Blog . Reading the post, it looked like that another Web 2.0 like controversy….

Stove: “Will Arrington fall into the reputation blender like Tim O’Reilly? His words from TechCrunch on the Web 2.0 trademark brouhaha are interesting: “

And TechCrush said, that they were going down

We put down our pencils here at the Crush-Room for the next days due to possible legal issues. Please stay with us, we will see how things are going to work out.
The plot thickens. I did some fact checking, and read the Mike’s side of the story how the TechCrunch vs TechCrush controversy started and how it was settled, in his post at CrunchNotes , which pretty much sets the record straight.

mid day, Sept 21: I speak with my lawyer. we discuss asking them to put a disclaimer on the site that they aren’t affiliated with techcrunch. I send an email to Lutz that says “Hey Lutz, Spoke to my lawyer at length today. How about a statement somewhere, preferably in the header area, that simply says you aren’t affiliated with TechCrunch in any way? If that doesn’t work for you, let’s keep talking…and there is no need to stop posting on the site…looking forward to more good content. Mike”

early, Sept 22: Lutz replies. Nice again. Says that sounds like a fine idea and will include a disclaimer. Concludes with “cheers, and a nice weekend”
And yes, Tech Crush website now has a disclaimer in bold “Techcrush – definately not affiliated with Techcrunch in any away”. This controversy can be burried now and the whole issue is settled. Right? Not so fast. Lets look at the impact of the controversy on TechCrush.

Alexa is showing the traffic trends as hockey stick:

The image “http://traffic.alexa.com/graph?w=379&h=216&r=3m&z=&y=r&u=techcrush.com/&u=” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Traffic Rank for techcrush.com:

Today : 18,277

1 wk. Avg. : 81,210

3 mos. Avg. : 2,182,344
and here is the number of posts refereing to ‘TechCrush’ on Technorati.

So what’s my point? Though the controversy seems to have died, these two graphs tell a different story in terms of traffic and the way this new blog is getting traction.

Shall we say Brilliant marketing strategy by Lutz of TechCrush?